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Do you have an interest in the rich history of wine? If you’re searching for friendly and knowledgeable guidance, you’ve come to the right place. The Right Blend brings twenty years of experience in the wine industry to our customized wine education classes, private, and corporate events. Contact us and we’ll teach you everything you need to know about wine in a fun and interactive way.


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We currently have no public events. Our focus is private and corporate events and we are busy doing just that! Please contact us for your upcoming event.


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As the trend continues in the industry, today, we celebrate #GrenacheDay over the social media world.  This is a day … Continue reading

#SauvBlanc 2013 Day!

Sauvignon Blanc is a well loved varietal.  So much so that it has its own day where we celebrate it … Continue reading

Wines You Cannot Pronounce

There is a lot of buzz these days about wines that are hard to pronounce are more attractive to American … Continue reading


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    At the Facebook Small Business Boost event. Love their backdrop! We do continue to stay focused and ship amazing #wines with our private and personalized wine tastings! #fbNapa

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    The Right Blend
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    Does wine make you fat?

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    Does Wine Make You Fat? Some Illuminating Evidence | Wine Folly

    The answer to the question many of us would like to know: Does wine make you fat? No, but it does make you hungry. Find out how to control your cravings.

    The Right Blend
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    Which wine are you? I got Champagne!

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    I Got Champagne - Which Wine Are You?

    Your sparkling personality makes everyone around you feel special. You are bubbly yet discerning – you make every party both exciting and exclusive. This is because you don’t go out all the time. You wait for just the right occasion to dazzle everyone.

    The Right Blend
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    Wine Enthusiast's Top 100 Restaurant list is out. Is your favorite on this list? If not, let us know below what it is!

    The Right Blend
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    For those who have enjoyed the Coravin, this is for you...

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    The Coravin is now officially recalled

    You may recall the massive attention last year surrounding Coravin, the wine-preservation device that was, by some accounts, going to rewrite the rules of wine drinking as we knew them. Turns out, ...